INFORMA ERP ’s Partnership Programs

We invite business owners, industry experts and consultants to join hands with us and share their expertise through INFORMA ERP ’s various partnership programs and scale up their business and earn profits. Combined with our unmatched resources, rewarding partnership programsand your market experience, we could together provide your customers with advanced ERP and CRM solutions through a network of 27 offices spread across 5 countries worldwide.
Our teams of developers work in close coordination with stake holders to solve complex business problems of your customers through fully functional business applications. Partnership Programs at INFORMA ERP would provide you with opportunities to work onlocal interfaces, lead generation, resources for installation and support of our solutions, while we INFORMA ERP on software design, development and customer support.
We maintain a very pragmatic, professional and practical approach towards all partnerships. We strive towards delivering excellence with the aim of satisfying the customers by providing them solutions to their business problems.

Reseller Program

INFORMA ERP ’s Reseller Program offers all of the essential ingredients for success, including great discounts, training, technical assistance, marketing support and sales leads. The business benefits of the program would not only help you grow your revenue but would also establish you as a reliable provider of ERP systems.

Referral Program

Equip your clients with industry-ready ERP solutions to increase your reach and build trust. Join our Referral Program and refer from a suite of leading-edge business solutions that could be customized to suit specific requirements. Expand your base and win more clients.

Affiliate Program

Leverage your influence in the market to educate and drive your audience to our award-winning ERP solutions, best-suited to cater to their business needs and industry-specific requirements. Enjoy massive benefits by joining our partnership program and build a strong foundation for more growth.

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