Workflow System

Our workflow builder is designed for power, flexibility, and rapid process design. Design an unlimited number of automated workflow processes using drag and drop. Create and connect tasks to build a custom workflow that streamlines your business process while replacing manual steps with powerful automation. You can even get a jumpstart on new processes by using our Process Templates.


  • Low code, drag and drop building environment
  • Create simple or complex business rules
  • Assign tasks and approvals
  • Collaborate on tasks and requests
  • Test run processes
  • Copy, export, version processes
  • Customize request detail screen


  • Create single, group or multi-tiered approvals
  • Run parallel or sequential flows
  • Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs
  • Create child processes


  • Rest-based open API
  • Integrate processes with external databases
  • Push and pull data from enterprise systems
  • Integrate using AWS Lambda
  • Import/Export from PDF or Excel
  • FTP Push
  • Local File Copy