Online Reservations And Deliveries Our hotel management software is equipped with modules to function as a full-fledged online hotel reservation system. It also facilitates simplified home deliveries, allowing you to assign drivers, enable driver logins and track delivery time, right from the admin panel.
In the introduction, we gave a general overview of how hotel management systems help to make your operation run more smoothly. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the key features and functionality that are common to all hotel management solutions so you’ll have a better idea of the benefits that they can bring to your hotel.

As INFORMA third-party marketplace illustrates, hotel management software can often be extended beyond these core features by add-on applications that utilize the same common interface, but provide you with additional features above and beyond the scope of the original software, so that you can tailor the software to the needs of your business, creating a true Best-of-Breed environment.