Real-Estate Marketing system

INFORMA’s property module is designed for all. First of all, it serves residential properties. It also supports commercial properties including shops, offices and warehouses. It lets you easily store and process data about any number of properties. So, INFORMA helps property owners of all sizes, be it 5 or 1000 or even more.


INFORMA property management / real estate management software is an all in one solution.

It is a rental property management software

The software is designed to automate the whole rental process, from quotations to rent collection. It calculates rent and also sends quotations. It also gives alerts and notifications for timely rent collections. Above all, rental property management software draws complex tenancy contracts with a single click.

It is a facility management software

Maintaining properties is equally or even more important than selling or renting them. This is because satisfied tenants are the best marketing channels. The role of facility management software comes here. INFORMA facility management software helps users to track and coordinate property maintenance activities and address customer complaints. Customized mobile application is probably the best way to effectively manage customer complaints. Tenants can register complaints online and they can be immediately taken care of.

It is a property sales software

The software gives the list of vacant units. Consequently, users can align their sales efforts to sell them. It also helps to effectively answer sales queries because the software contains all data related to each unit. Furthermore, it creates and sends sales quotations.

Diverse Reports

Our real estate software is an excellent way to speed up your daily administrative tasks. More than that it gives you a variety of reports. For example, it gives you vacant units report. Similarly, it tracks nearest contract expiry and creates relevant reports. Reports can be generated based on various parameters like property wise, location wise also. Furthermore, users can customize new reports to match their special needs.

Tracks rental history

Pricing units correctly is certainly an important factor that affects sales. Property management systems help to track rents per unit over years. As a result, users will be able to get an idea about the price trends over year. Finally, it will help in fixing the best prices.

Insights for Strategic Decision

Various reports given by the software gives deep insights rather than just numbers. Looking at them, users can identify trends in customer behavior. Similarly, they can understand the market changes also. And the key point? These reports are not just for immediate action plans but rather gives inputs for long-term goals.

Sets payment schedules

As stated before this system calculates rent automatically. Furthermore, it schedules payments based on pre-defined criteria. In addition, the software also gives timely alerts and notifications for prompt payments.

Stores large amount of data

Data regarding each unit is very vast. The area, location, number of rooms are only a few of the many data associated with properties. The software tracks and saves all of them. Details of tenants and tenant history are also stored by the software. INFORMA Real Estate Management Software is integrated with Accounts. Earn more profits and make your real estate business more effective with INFORMA Real Estate Management Software.